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There are many different types of home insurance covers, some of which will have exclusions that may allow an insurer to reject a claim. Our policy covers you from the moment we walk through your front gate to commence the removal, to the moment we say goodbye at your new home. This comprehensive offering made via our Summary of Insurance is extremely reasonable and will cover your items up to £100,000. If you require a higher limit then please telephone our office and we can arrange accordingly.

Most home insurance covers will have a higher excess that you need to pay in the event of an insured claim. These can range from £100 to £500 depending on the cover you have. The excess on our policy is only £50.

Purchasing our offering is easy. Simply notify our sales consultant or the office of the value of insurance that you require, they will then formally quote you. Once you have accepted our quotation then you can rest assured that your house insurance no claims discount you have built will not be jeopardised. We know that accidents can happen and we want you to be confident that your adequately protected.

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