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Moving money

Moving Money

Squab Removals is proudly partnered with Currencies Direct, a market leader in offering both private and corporate clients preferrential rates of exchange for all International payments.

Get your removals for free!

Proven savings of up to 3% on the rate of exchange, Currencies Direct could potentially save you the cost of your removals.

How does it work?

Simply sign up as a client of Currencies Direct and you will be assigned a personal private dealer who will be able to quote you the current rate of exchange and assist you with your International payment requirements. On average clients can expect to save up to 3% dependent on the size of the transaction. By registering for free as a client, you are not obligated to use their services but will have access to fx expertise and beneficial rates should you wish to do so.

How Secure is my Money?

Currencies Direct is regulated by the FSA for payment services and all client monies being transferred through Currencies Direct are held in HSBC client accounts meaning that your money is 100% secure.

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