5 Reasons to Use Squab’s Domestic Shredding Service

1. To protect your data

The most important reason for using a domestic shredding service is to ensure your data is disposed of securely. Unfortunately, the threat of identity theft is on the increase according to the 2017 figures released by CIFAS. Therefore, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Scenario: You’re having a spring clean and you have a big pile of paperwork to get rid of – from bank statements to tax information. It might seem tempting to throw them in the bin – that way the spring clean is officially finished and you can go and enjoy yourself. But think of the risk this exposes you to! Your precious data is now out there and there’s nothing you can do to protect it. It’s a fraudster’s dream.

Remember, it’s better to shred than be sorry!

We adhere to BS EN 15713:2009 for the Secure Destruction of Confidential Data. This long list of numbers and letters means we comply with a strict framework and we have to evidence our compliance on a yearly basis to maintain this status. In other words, the protection and security of your data is at the forefront of everything we do.

When you drop your shredding to us, it’s confidentially destroyed within 24 hours by DBS-approved staff and you can then request a Certificate of Destruction for your records, providing you with peace of mind. You can even watch your documents as they’re being destroyed – just let us know in advance so we can arrange this for you.

2. A secure site

Both our sites, located in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire and Daventry, Northamptonshire are alarmed with barrier-controlled access and CCTV in operation 24 hours a day. So, whichever site you choose to drop off your documents to, you can rest assured nothing slips under our radar.

3. To save you time and space

Even if you have a home shredder, you can spend valuable hours painfully inserting a couple of sheets at a time, imagining what you could be doing instead. Then the shredder jams for the fourth time and you have to reverse the stuck paper while trying to figure out the source of the issue. Not to mention the fact you have to keep emptying the bin. And then there’s the mess on the floor from all the fibres – time to get the hoover out, AND you still have to dispose of the shredded paper. It’s long-winded and unnecessary.

By using Squab Shredding’s domestic shredding service, you can be more efficient, freeing up valuable time and space. Simply drop your documents off and we do the rest! No stress, no mess, no hassle.

4. To help the environment

After the domestic shredding process is complete, it’s not the end for your shredded documents. In fact, it’s the beginning of a new life as all shredded documents are then recycled into other paper products – an effortless way to help the environment.  

5. It’s convenient and flexible

You can drop your domestic shredding off at our Leamington Spa or Daventry sites anytime within office hours to suit you. Book online, or simply bring your sacks of shredding directly to us, whether you have one sack or multiple sacks.

For more information about Squab’s domestic shredding service, get in touch with the team on 0845 4680 160 or email enquiries@squab.co.uk.