Squab in the Community: Centre for Relational Care

Alongside our charity of the year, we also get involved with our local community. Community is very important to us and we know that it’s the little things that can make a big difference. 

Heather runs a small, but vital charity called the Centre for Relational Care, operating out of Warwick Gates Community Centre in Leamington Spa. Their aim? To reach people with mental health problems and/or relationship difficulties, who aren’t able to access NHS help for whatever reason.

Heather and the team provide counselling, either for free or at an affordable rate. Their only income is from small donations that some clients are able to make per session but this in no way covers the actual cost of their work. In order to continue as a charity, they need to raise around £18,000 a year and usually, there is a shortfall of around £2,000 over and above donations.

This doesn’t deter Heather whose passion for the charity is admirable. One way they raise funds for the shortfall is to run a collection centre for upcycling Tassimo coffee pods. The pods then get sent to an organisation called Terracycle who upcycle the pods into e.g. bags, pencil cases, etc and in return Heather receives a donation per pod. In 2016, they raised about £250. More recently, they are also able to collect Kenco packets (the refill packets of Kenco and the plastic lids) and L’Or pods. (More information about the recycling programme can be found here.)

This is where we come in. Heather got in touch to ask whether we could provide second-hand boxes to transport the pods in after finding it increasingly difficult to find suitable boxes. The pods must be sent in certain weight quantities which creates a challenge, however, after some trial and error (utilising sister company, Box-it Central’s boxes, too) we’ve found the box – turns out the large Squab box is perfect!

Heather pops by every couple of months to collect boxes and we’re of course happy to be able to support this.

To recycle your pods, please drop them off at Warwick Gates Community Centre, Cressida Close, Heathcote, Warwick CV34 6DZ.

Keep up the great work, Heather and team!