The GDPR – A Good Reminder to Protect Your Personal Data

You’ve probably heard of the GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation by now – a new regulation in data protection laws which comes into force on the 25th May 2018. In summary, it means businesses and organisations need to be completely transparent about the information they hold about individuals (how they collect, store and process the data), which is best practice after all.

With this focus on data security, now is the ideal time to declutter your personal documents, ensuring you dispose of any old or redundant paperwork securely. But, are you putting your personal data at risk by decluttering in the following ways? If so, we’ve got the answer!

You recycle personal documents

While you get the gold star for the environmental factor, the same can’t be said for the state of your data security. Think about the amount of personal information on a bank statement: details of the bank you’re with, your address, spending habits and part of your card number at the very minimum. When you put documents like these out to be recycled, you never know who could get their hands on them, or what they’ll do with the information. Unfortunately, people go to great lengths to get hold of others’ data, so you’re essentially handing it out on a plate.

You throw your personal documents in the general waste bin

Throwing documents in the bin is just as risky as recycling and opens up the same possibility for fraudulent activity. Consider the journey your household rubbish takes before it reaches its final destination. Do you know where it goes or who could have access to it? As soon as the document leaves your house, it’s out of your control.

You use a home shredder

Using a home shredder is by far the best approach of the three! But (you knew a ‘but’ was coming), we’ve got a couple of questions:

We’re going to hazard a guess that:

There is a far better way! The answer? OUTSOURCE.

Outsourcing to Squab Shredding is:

Here are some more reasons to outsource your domestic shredding.


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