How to Self Move in 5 Easy Steps

While enlisting the services of a removals company to help with your move is the better option in most cases, there are situations where it makes sense to do the moving yourself (take a look at the common reasons people self-move). Ready to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, but wondering where to start? Here’s how to self-move in five easy steps.

1. Get organised using Squab’s handy moving checklist

Squab's moving checklistIt’s no surprise that moving house is stressful – there’s lots to think about and plenty to do. Needless to say, it can all get a little overwhelming! Good organisation and planning is essential which is why we’ve created a moving checklist. It provides a good starting point to make the process that bit easier and includes a list of who to notify and tasks to consider before, during and after the move. And it’s free! Download Squab’s moving checklist.

2. Book your van

You’re going to need a quality, reliable vehicle with plenty of loading space. Cue our specialist, purpose-built, self-drive vans. With a large loading space (450 cu. ft. to be exact), you can fit more into them versus standard-sized vans (which means fewer trips!).

They also come with a lightweight ramp for easy loading/unloading, perfect for self-movers, and items can be secured in place with the tie rails to protect belongings. If you’re worried about driving one, you needn’t be – they’re as easy to drive as a car and come with a built-in satnav, so getting from A to B is nice and efficient.

When making your booking, you can choose which site you’d like to collect from – either Leamington Spa, Warwickshire or Daventry, Northamptonshire.

3. Pack

Everything’s arranged – now you just need to pack. While it might be tempting to chuck everything into boxes, the more organised you can be at this stage, the easier it’ll be when it comes to unpacking.

The right accessories will make the process much easier, so make sure you’ve got quality boxes and moving accessories (you can order a range of items via our Box Shop, if needed).

Top packing tips:

4. Move house

Van hire

After collecting your pre-booked van, it’s time to move! Here are some tops tips for loading the vehicle:

5. Deliver the van back

That’s it! You’ve unloaded the last of your belongings and now all you need to do is deliver the van back. You’re officially a self-mover – congratulations! Time to take a well-deserved rest and enjoy your new pad…right after unpacking, that is! We’ll happily recycle your used boxes – just drop them in at a time to suit you.

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For more information about self-moving, take a look at our van hire page or contact the Squab team by emailing or phoning 0845 4680 160.