Take a Look Inside Our BAR Approved Training House

We’re going to let you into a secret.

Training houseNestled inside one of our Leamington Spa storage facilities is a house…yes, you heard correctly!

A cleverly concealed, two-storey house, complete with a garage and a loft.

What’s a house doing inside our storage facilities? We usually get some confused looks when we tell people, but there’s method behind the madness!

It’s not there so our staff can sneak off for an afternoon nap (they wish) – it’s to train the team, and others in the removals industry.

Why? To give you the best possible moving experience.

And we’ve got a new video to show you around our pad.

Take a look inside.

It’s got everything you’d expect to find in your usual house and comes completely furnished so the team can practise their wrapping, packing and loading/unloading skills. Only downside…there’s no garden, but we reckon Squab Hall Farm more than makes up for that!

Training houseWhy our on-site training house is good for your moving experience:

How can you make sure you choose the right removals company? Always check their memberships and accreditations – take a look at ours.

Watch the video again, or head to our Advice Hub for lots of handy moving and storage tips.