Make Space for the New Year

In the 2017 Annual Industry Survey carried out by the Self-Storage Association (SSA) UK, can you guess the top domestic reason for using self-storage facilities?

…With a whopping 40%, it was ‘no room for items at residence’.

You might be looking around your home right now, post-Christmas festivities, thinking ‘yep, that’s definitely me/us!’

Well, the new year is the ideal time for a sort out and if you’ve got items you want to hold onto but are lacking the space at home, then storage is the perfect solution (that box of Christmas decorations that need a home for the year, for example).

Cue our storage facilities!

There are a couple of options available. While self-storage is one option, we also offer crate storage – it depends on how long you’ll be storing for and how much access you’ll require. Importantly, the storage is tailored to your needs.


Crate storage

Crate storage facilities

Our facilities are easily accessible, located in Leamington Spa and Daventry.

While we’ve been talking about domestic storage until now, the same, of course, applies to commercial storage. If you run a business from home, internet businesses being a prime example, or need additional space for supplies, then dedicated storage space might be the answer you’re looking for. Plus, with our free racking planning service, you can ensure you maximise the available space.

You might find it useful to take a look at ‘Why commercial customers choose us…

It’s also worth mentioning that we have a state-of-the-art business centre so you can manage all your business admin while visiting the facility – win-win!

Just in case you’re curious, the remaining reasons for using self-storage, as identified by the research carried out by the SSA, were:

Moving and between properties – 21%

Need to create space at home – 11%

Important life event – 9%

Moving and don’t have enough space in new home – 7%

Home being decorated or renovated and need temporary storage – 7%

Decluttering to sell home – 6%


There we have it – space is precious, so save yours and use ours instead!

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