Moving House – A Good Time to Upgrade Your Bed

As you begin the process of moving house, you might want to consider upgrading your bed. Why? One of the biggest problems is dust mites which, unfortunately for us, love our beds. Over the years, they build up and can cause a magnitude of problems. You certainly don’t want them moving house with you! Another good reason – you’re moving everything out your house anyway, so it’s a convenient time to say out with the old bed and in with the new.

Not sure where to start? We spoke to bed expert, Anthony Baker, Director at The Bed Factory, Leamington Spa. He shares everything you need to know about upgrading your bed.

How can you tell it might be time to get a new bed?

There are eight key signs to look out for:

  1. You’ve had your bed for more than 6 years
  2. You sleep better in a different bed
  3. Your bed is lumpy and/or saggy
  4. You don’t have enough space to sleep comfortably
  5. Your bed makes noises such as squeaking and groaning
  6. You’d be embarrassed to let anyone see it without its covers on!
  7. You and your partner roll towards each other in the night
  8. You wake up feeling achy and unrefreshed

Any of these familiar? It’s time to upgrade your bed.

Did you know…? Dust mites, and what they leave behind, are one of the biggest contributors to eczema, asthma and other respiratory problems.

What’s the best approach to buying a new bed?

Firstly, you need to consider your budget. The higher the budget, the higher the comfort. While beds can seem expensive, see it as an investment – think how much time you spend there! The importance of a restful sleep goes without saying.

The Bed Factory row of beds in shop

With your budget in mind, it’s time to try before you buy. In the same way you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, we always encourage people to try out different beds to make sure they find the right one – lie before you buy!

The Bed Factory is a bed test centre, so feel free to pop in and try out at a time to suit you. We always advise against buying online without having a test run. Remember, it’s costly to return a bed that isn’t right!

Did you know…? The Bed Factory will dispose of your old bed for just £30.

Should you replace the whole bed or just the base or mattress?

Often, people will think about just replacing the mattress, but if the bedframe has sunk or changed shape over time, the new mattress will mould to the same shape. So, it’s pointless to simply invest in a new mattress. Equally, if there are dust mites in the old base, they could transfer to the new base. Again, completely counterproductive. For these reasons, we encourage people to replace the whole bed.

Did you know…? The Bed Factory will price-match, so if you find the same bed cheaper elsewhere, you won’t be out of pocket.

The Bed Factory, Leamington team

Finally, what are your top tips for looking after your bed?

  1. Buy a mattress protector. Without going into the gory details, this means any dirt, etc. goes into the protector instead of the bed, so the mattress remains fresh and clean
  2. Air your bed every day by pulling the covers off. This will help keep dust mites at bay as they don’t like the cold
  3. Never pass your bed on to someone else. It’ll be full of dust mites and other horrible stuff which we won’t mention. We always encourage people to start afresh. If they knew what was in old beds, they wouldn’t give it a second thought…

An offer to finish

The Bed Factory is kindly running the following offer for all readers: Get a free mattress protector with every bed or mattress ordered. Simply quote ‘Squab’ when ordering.


For more information about upgrading your bed, contact Anthony and The Bed Factory team on 01926 426 405 or email