Moving? Pack like a Pro with Our How-To Videos

Packing – it’s all part of moving house – or moving your belongings anywhere, for that matter (moving into storage, anyone?). It’s not the most exciting of tasks, we’ll give you that, but it’s important to do it properly.

What happens when you don’t pack properly?

Damage and breakage…upsetting for you and your bank account. And let’s face it, some items are irreplaceable. You can see the horror unfold as you wince at the sound of your treasured family vase smashing to pieces because it hasn’t been wrapped properly.

Your possessions deserve better.

Properly packed items remain in their original condition throughout the moving process…

A professionally packed box of glassware can even survive a flight of stairs without any breakages. We’ve tried and tested it in training. Don’t worry, we don’t ever throw boxes down stairs during moves, but it goes to show the level of protection that proper packing can provide!

How to pack lamp shadesSo how do you pack properly?

We’re here to show you with our smart new range of how-to videos, featuring our very own BAR (British Association of Removers) approved trainer, Steve! He uses the same packing methods as the Squab Removals team, teaching you how to pack like a pro. Knowing how to do it properly will save you time and energy, so you’ll be packed in no time (phew)!

22 helpful videos waiting for you in the Advice Hub…

How to pack plates

How to pack:

Packing wineAs well as:

Head over to the Advice Hub to watch the full range of videos.

No time to pack or prefer the Squab removals team to do it for you? Opt for our packing service when getting your quote, or get in touch with the friendly team in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.