Reasons to Fall in Love with our Business Centre

It’s the month of lurrrve and with the recent opening of our of brand-new Business Centre, we thought it a suitable opportunity to share some reasons to fall in love with our new facility (okay, a slightly tenuous link, but you get where we’re coming from!)

Right – where do we start?!

Reason #1 – it’s unique. In fact, we’re confident you won’t find a facility like it, anywhere else. Unless you’ve come across meeting rooms named ‘The Cowshed’, ‘The Grain Store’, or ‘The Field’ before?! You’ll be pleased to hear, however, that the scents in the rooms do not reflect their names! Our meeting rooms make meeting people an experience – the way it should be. Great for hosting clients, or booking out for your team.

Reason #2 – hot desking. Cue spacious, bright and airy facilities with a stunning view. Perhaps you’re a business visiting your storage unit and need to check your emails or manage your business remotely. Or you might be a sales rep, regularly on the road and needing somewhere to ‘touch base’…

Reason #3 – suitable for anyone. Reason #2 leads nicely onto this…our Business Centre is suitable for ANYONE! Whether business or domestic needs. See it as your reliable space away from home or the office, free from distractions.

Reason #4 – Wi-Fi galore. Enjoy our high-speed, secure Wi-Fi, enabling you to work efficiently (where would we be without Wi-Fi?!).

Reason #5 – Breakout area. If you need to step away from your hot desk or meeting room, we’ve got a breakout area for you to take 5. The perfect opportunity to grab a tea/coffee while you’re at it.

Reason #6 – Your own personal mailbox. We’ll happily accept post on your behalf (although please note we can’t be your business’s registered address) and let you know when it’s arrived. Come and chat to us and we’ll get it all arranged.

Reason #7 – Scanning and printing facilities. Always important to have a reliable printer on-hand. Particularly if you work from home and are printer-less, or need to print documents prior to the meeting you’re hosting. Ours is wireless and easy to use.

Reason #8 – The facilities. The really important bit – kitchen space with FREE tea and coffee! (Proper coffee, we should add). Complete with toilet close by (everything you need, in other words).

Reason #9 – Headache-free parking. Whenever you visit the Business Centre, you’re guaranteed a parking space. None of this driving around for ages looking for a space and getting very frustrated in the process! Nice and close to the facilities, so no lengthy walk with laptop bags, etc.

Reason #10 – Flexible working. Above all, our Business Centre allows you to work in a way that fits around you and your lifestyle. We appreciate that life isn’t as simple as 9-5 and there’s a growing demand for flexible workspace.

Many-a-reason to fall in love with our Business Centre, Leamington Spa. Why not pop in and take a look? We’ll be happy to show you around.

For more information about our Business Centre, please email or call 0845 4680 160.