Spotlight Series: Spaghetti Agency

Our Spotlight Series is all about meeting the people using our business centre and conferencing facilities. Over time we’ve been lucky enough to meet a range of businesses who have used our conference facilities (with many becoming ‘regulars’) and now, with our brand-new business centre we hope to meet even more! We appreciate there’s a growing demand for flexible working and our facilities allow people and businesses to work in exactly that way. After all, life is busy!

Today, we’re shining the spotlight onto Spaghetti Agency, founded by Jo and Todd, a.k.a. ‘Your online marketing partners from Wild West Warwickshire’.

If you haven’t heard of these guys, where have you been?!SpaghettiWorkshop-SM (136 of 143)

You might have picked up from their tagline that a) they are online marketers and b) their business is centred around a rather unique cowboy theme (hats and boots included, along with a ‘Yeehaa’ or ‘Howdy’!)

Spaghetti Agency has been running since 2013 and specialise in all things online marketing. This includes (but isn’t limited to): copywriting, social media (from strategy through to management), blogging, PPC and SEO. Perhaps most notably, Spaghetti Agency run popular training sessions and workshops for individuals and businesses.

So where do our facilities come in? You guessed it! Training and workshops. In fact, Jo and Todd are regular users of our conference facilities, we’re pleased to say!

We asked Todd why they choose our conference facilities:

“We create content and online buzz, and our message is stitched through it all, so it’s imperative that when people come on our training workshops that the facilities live up to the promise. We’ve used Squab Hall’s conference room since the day we first laid eyes on it. Why? Because it’s a great airy room, it impresses our delegates, and the team at Squab actually care about our experience there.

IMG_6861The WiFi, the coffee, the toilets, the parking, and the journey to and from the venue are all part of OUR business as far as we’re concerned. We want everyone to get the right feeling and the right impression, and Squab Hall helps us to do that.

It’s also extremely important for our digital workshops that the internet is strong and uninterrupted… otherwise the whole thing falls apart. The day we found Squab Hall was the day we knew we’d found the home for Spaghetti Agency’s training workshops!” 

If you haven’t already, take a look at their website. It’s clear that Jo and Todd love what they do – they radiate fun, energy and excitement around digital marketing and certainly know their stuff.

Follow Jo and Todd on Twitter for updates of all the latest saloon happenings. You can also catch them on Facebook and YouTube.

Psst. Check out Spaghetti Agency’s upcoming workshops and events, but be sure to book on before they sell out!


For more information about hiring our business centre or conference facilities, please email or phone 0845 4680 160.