Where Do You Store Your Valuables While You’re on Holiday?

You’re ready for a holiday. You’ve been packing for the past couple of months, willing it to arrive and it’s nearly here!

But, there’s something bothering you. It’s always the same when you’re going away. You’re worried about leaving your valuables behind…and so begins the pre-holiday ritual of hiding your valuables in various ‘safe spots’ around the house.

The oven?

The dishwasher?

The dirty laundry basket?

The bookcase?

Under the wonky floorboard?

Air vents?

In a plant?

Among your children’s toys?

Or maybe a combination!

While you can make use of some very clever hiding places, an element of risk will (unfortunately) always remain. Let’s face it – the last thing you want is to be worrying while you’re away – that defeats the point of a holiday!

Then you’ve got the small matter of remembering where you hid the items when you get home. “Dad, where did you put my watch again?” Dad looks puzzled and slightly concerned…

There is a simple alternative that will give you complete peace of mind…

Self-store-it!Squab Storage

Rather than dotting your valuables in various locations around the house, then having to go through the painful process of locating them all, why not use one of our secure, self-storage locker units instead? It’ll save you time, panic and you won’t accidentally ‘lose’ an item because you can’t remember where you hid it! Not to mention your belongings will be safe in the event of an unfortunate incident.

Using self-storage to store your valuables works like this:

  1. Gather the valuables you want to store
  2. Bring them to our Leamington Spa or Daventry storage facilities – we recommend our locker units which, at 4.5 sq. ft., are the ideal size for most valuables (if you need more space we have lots of different-sized units for you to choose from)
  3. Go on holiday, assured your valuables are securely stored, being watched by CCTV 24/7, in a barrier-controlled facility where only you hold the key to your unit
  4. Collect your valuables when you return after a worry-free break

By the way, there are no lengthy contracts to worry about either, you simply pay for the holiday storage you use.

Of course, you’ll still want to make sure you leave your home securely while you’re away – the Police.uk website has some helpful crime prevention advice.


Book your holiday storage now or phone the friendly Squab team on 0845 4680 160.