How to Sort Your Student Summer Storage (The Easy Way)

The summer term’s busy enough without having to think about your student storage arrangements for the holidays.

You’ve probably got a to-do list as long as your arm, with storage way towards to the bottom of your priorities. It can all feel like too much hassle – finding out where the nearest storage facility is and wondering how on earth you’ll get your belongings there and back. It’s easy to push it aside and hope it’ll sort itself later. But the reality is a mad, last-minute dash to get it all sorted – never a good way to start your break.

We get it. But it needn’t be that way!

Squab’s student summer storage is simple. Rather than tell you why, let us show you with our smart, new video. It explains just how easy the student storage process is in under a minute!

By the end of the short video, you’ll know:

Happy watching.

Squab student storage video

Now you’ve seen how simple it is, why not get student storage ticked off that to-do list nice and early? Then, you can forget about it until the end of term. For hassle-free booking, head to the student storage page.