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Tips to Declutter Your Home Before You Move, by Diggory Lifestyle…

This is a guest post, kindly contributed by Dee Hope of Diggory Lifestyle.

Moving house?

It’s unbelievable how much clutter one accumulates over the years and this is never more apparent until you actually start packing to move to a new home. So, what better time to dee-clutter and sell, donate or recycle unwanted items? By decluttering before you move you are giving yourself peace of mind that what you do pack and take – you both ‘Love’ and ‘Use’ and making significant savings on removal costs.

Moving house is one of the most stressful times a person can go through, so to limit that stress it is essential to give yourself sufficient lead-time to accomplish your task in a calm and systematic way, starting at the top of the house and working down.

Stuff will not make you happy…

Think about your lifestyle and who you are today.

What are your current hobbies and those of family members? Have a family meeting – capture what those interests are and be realistic – you used to play golf and go diving and you once loved to bake and there was a time you loved your Lego – but that was then and this is now…so challenge each other, “When was the last time you actually played golf?”, “When was the last time you actually went diving?”, “Do you really bake anymore?” or “When was the last time you played with your Lego?”.

By identifying the things you do actually ‘love’ and ‘use’ – you are able to recognise that the other stuff is just clutter and is preventing you from actually getting to and enjoying the things you love, both mentally and physically. So, we need to ‘let go’ and find a new home for your old hobbies, clothes, shoes, furniture anything that no longer fits with who you are today. 

Feel proud about letting things go that are still working and in good condition, you have looked after them but you have decided you don’t love it or use it, you once did, but now you feel differently; so ‘Let It Go’ and in doing so you are allowing it to continue its journey to be useful to others.

Get your mind right.

You as a family have identified what is important to you, now is the time to agree the rules. For example, “all diving, golf, or baking paraphernalia and Lego goes to a new home”, etc. Anything that is broken goes to recycling, anything that belongs to someone else is returned to them, etc.

It’s important to have a plan.

How are you going to get these items out of your home? Are you happy for all or some of the items to go to charity? If so which charities? Will they collect or do you have to deliver them? Do you want to raise money? If so, how – eBay? Car Boot Sale? Gumtree? Who is going to manage that process? Are you giving some items to family members – when are they going to collect?

I know moving home is a busy time, and I also know how tempting it can be to just pack everything into boxes and worry about it later. But generally, ‘later’ never comes because those boxes will litter the attic, glory holes and garage of your new home, and will likely remain there until it’s time to move again! So, declutter before you move and know that everything going to your beautiful new home has earned its place. 

Get in touch with Dee to dee-clutter for a simpler life.

Dee Hope, Diggory Lifestyle 

Dee Hope, Diggory Lifestyle

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