What Do People Store and Why? A Look at Domestic Self Storage

Since opening our self-storage doors in Leamington Spa back in 2005, it’s fair to say we’ve stored a wide range of items for our domestic customers. Now, with our sister site in Daventry, we’re providing storage solutions for our customers across Warwickshire and Northamptonshire!

We know the demand for self-storage is growing all the time – you only have to look at the Self-Storage Association’s (SSA) annual reports. But what are people storing, and why?

We’ve gathered together some of the most common (and some of the more unusual) items to give you an idea.

Home furnishings


This includes anything from a single item (most commonly larger, bulkier items such as beds, wardrobes, pianos and sofas), all the way to the full contents of a house. It depends on the reason for storage, whether it’s:


While space for such items at home might not be an issue to begin with, the space gradually fills until, before you know it, every nook and cranny is filled. Self-storage is ideal for treasured collectables because, aside from avoiding disgruntled family members and threats of ‘it’s us or the stuff’, you don’t have to limit your collection habits – self-storage accommodates as the collection grows. Some of the collectables we’ve stored include:

Equipment for sports and hobbies

Some store equipment for their favourite sports and hobbies. Either the equipment is too large to store at home, there’s not enough space or they don’t use it regularly. Some of the equipment we’ve stored includes:

And even…

Garden and outdoor equipment

Those without a shed or garage to store equipment, often look to self-storage as an alternative. Aside from the security benefit, Squab’s self-storage facilities are humidity controlled which means there is no risk of damp or damage to the equipment. Some of the garden items people store include:

Seasonal items

Perhaps unsurprisingly, seasonal items are popular items to store. The alternative is those items staring you in the face all year round because you haven’t got anywhere to put them.


People use self-storage to store their valuables while they’re away, giving peace of mind. At 4.5 sq. ft, our locker-sized units are the perfect size.


Storage is a haven for vehicles only used for part of the year or for extra precious vehicles needing protection from the elements. Over the years, we’ve stored:

University items

Students often need somewhere local to store their belongings during the summer months. Self-storage is ideal for this, particularly as Squab offers a special summer storage package and includes collection and delivery as part of the deal (look no further!).


Have you got items to store? Get in touch with the team (either at Leamington Spa, Warwickshire or Daventry, Northamptonshire) or book domestic storage online.