Why Self Move? Popular Reasons to DIY

As an experienced Warwickshire-based removals company, we can’t stress enough the importance of hiring a trusted BAR member removals company to help with your move, but there are certain situations where self-moving might be the better option. Why self-move? Here are some popular reasons to do it yourself.

The university drop-off/collection

If your son or daughter is at university, you’ll probably be enlisted (expected!) to help them move in/out. The problem is, they take lots of stuff to begin with and then accumulate more stuff along the way! You might wonder how you’re going to fit all their belongings into one car. Before you know it, you’re either looking at two trips or two cars. This is where self-moving comes in. Our Luton-sized vans, available from our Leamington Spa and Daventry sites, have plenty of space and they’re low-rider vehicles making them nice and easy to load/unload. You could probably fit in their friend’s stuff, too!

Plenty of help at hand

If you’re lucky enough to have lots of willing volunteers to help with the move, you might not need the people power of a removals company, so it makes sense to self-move instead. All you need to do is hire a trusty vehicle and you’re ready to self-move. The good news about our self-drive vehicles is they drive like a car and come with a built-in Satnav so getting to your new property will be no problem. Just make sure you take care not to injure yourself when moving items and have plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits on-hand for your helpers!

Moving from rental to rental and don’t have the time pressure

Part of the stress of moving is the reliance of the buying/selling working like clockwork – you don’t have the luxury of time, nor can you control it. In this situation it’s a good idea to hire an experienced removals company who can react to any potential setbacks. However, if you’re moving from rental to rental, without any buying/selling involved, you won’t have the same time pressures. All you need is a van and you can do the moving yourself, at your leisure (within reason, of course). Our self-drive vans come with lightweight ramps and tie rails to make it easy to load and secure your belongings.

Did you know…? Our self-drive vans can be driven anywhere within the UK.

Don’t have the budget to hire a removals company

It’s no secret that moving house is a costly process and not everyone will have the budget to enlist the help of a removals company. Hiring one of our self-drive vans is an affordable moving option. We can also provide boxes and moving accessories to help protect your belongings, should you need them. If your friends and family are available to help out, it’ll make all the difference.

If you do have the budget but you’re still weighing up the costs of a removals company, it’s important to remember what you’re paying for – factors such as:

By considering the above, you can evaluate what’s best for you.

Don’t have much to move

If you have a very small property, it might be more efficient to carry out the move yourself. Equally, if you just have one or two items to move – perhaps you’re buying new furniture that won’t fit in your car* – you won’t require the services of a removals company. Self-moving is more efficient – simply hire a van for as long as you need it. Our vans can be collected from our Daventry or Leamington Spa sites (select your choice when booking) and they’re even available for hire over the weekend. *The only exception is if you’re moving a specialist item, such as a piano. In which case, you might benefit from our expertise!

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Ready to self-move? Book one of our specialist vehicles via book the van hire page, or for more information about van hire, take a look at our Advice Hub.