12 Emotions of a Home Mover

excitement1. Excitement at the prospect of moving

We’ve worked hard, we’ve got our deposit/mortgage requirements sorted and we’re ready to find the house of our dreams!
Bring. It. On.

optimism2. Optimism

This house hunting malarkey is going to be easy peasy. We’ve found so many houses we like – the difficult part is going to be shortlisting them! Whoever said finding a house was difficult..?!

pessimism3. Pessimism

Oh, wait a minute, maybe this isn’t quite so plain sailing. That house is perfect…except for the garage/small bedroom/uninspiring kitchen/funny shaped window. Oh heck, the penny’s dropped – we’ve got to do that awful thing…compromise!

optimism-restored4. Optimism restored

The glass is half full. We’ve found the one! It’s exactly what we hoped for and more. The kids are going to love it. I can visualise where all our furniture would fit. In fact, the sofa would fit wonderfully just over there. Can’t wait to move.

dissapointment5. Disappointment

It’s fallen through. They say you should never set your heart on a house until it’s finalised. Why did we do exactly that?! Hours of searching – for what?

mourning6. Mourning

No house will ever compare to ‘that’ house. It’s useless – we’ve looked around and nothing is anywhere near as good. Serious sulking time.

determination7. Determination

Right, it’s time to get back on the saddle. We’re not going to let this defeat us. As the saying goes, ‘there’s plenty more houses in the sea’.

elated8. Elated!

We don’t want to speak too soon but…We’ve found the real one this time. It’s even better than the other house! And it’s all gone through (properly!) We’re ready to get on with the move.

stress-exhaustion9. Stress/exhaustion during moving process

Why did we decide to move again? HOW MUCH stuff do we have?! I’ve got to think about that too? I’m sure there’s something we’ve forgotten…Thank goodness for Squab helping us through the process! They’re brilliant.

loss10. Loss

Bye bye old house – you’ve been great. So many happy memories. We’ll miss you, but it’s time for a new adventure.

relief11. Relief

We made it through one of the top life stressors. Phew. Big pat on the back for us!

contentment12. Contentment/excitement!

Settled into our lovely new home and so very happy. It was all worth it! We’re going to miss those guys from Squab though. We’ll remember them for next time.

For more information about moving with Squab, please call 0845 4680 160 or email enquiries@squab.co.uk