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A Scandinavian country recognised for its high quality of life, clean cities and stunning scenery, Norway is an attractive destination for expats. A culture that prioritises family values, clean living and outdoor activities, a Norwegian lifestyle is particularly appealing for families looking to relocate.

Coming from the UK, adjusting to a cold and rainy climate shouldn’t pose too many problems but be prepared for the extreme variations. For example, in England we are used to wet winters and pleasant summers, but in Norway rain is the status quo all year round. For example, the city of Bergen gets around 220 days of rain per year. Harsh winters are also part of the package when moving to Norway so don’t be surprised to experience temperatures as low as -20 degrees on the deepest days of winter!

Norway is known for having a particularly high living cost with the price of groceries, bills and other living essentials being above the normal rates in the UK. As a result, expats will need to work on their budgeting skills whilst they adjust to the higher living costs.

You will also find that food products you’re used to buying may not be available in Norway due to their strict customs rules. For example, Red Bull has been banned in Norway because of its high caffeine levels. Also, Norway doesn’t have the same trade and import links as other European countries so the majority of the produce available for sale in supermarkets is locally sourced.

When moving to Norway you will notice that the majority of people live a lifestyle centred on family and outdoor activities. During the summer months, many Norwegians spend their leisure time hiking and camping or skiing in the colder winter months. Those moving to Norway for the nightlife will be disappointed as drinking and dancing the night away is not as common place as it is in other European countries.

The Norwegian National Insurance Scheme (NIS) guarantees everybody a basic level of welfare and covers regular medical consultation (there is a nominal fee that is paid by the patient), medical emergency and hospitalization. There are also private medical services and healthcare insurance providers available.

Norway has a very low crime rate and is known as being safe country to live in: parents are not afraid to let their children walk to school and play outside with their friends. Most residents of Norway are not afraid to leave their doors unlocked and don’t feel the need to worry about crime in their neighbourhood.

Due to strict customs and import rules, shipping your goods to Norway can be tough to navigate Ensure you enlist the help of an experienced moving firm who will guide you through all of the legalities and provide a stress-free moving experience.

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Don’t forget to take a look at our handy checklist as a guide to help with organising your move. There’s additional space for you to add your own notes, as every move is different.

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