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A popular holiday destination with sparkling seas, a sunny climate and a rich culture, Portugal is also a favourite amongst British expats. If you are seriously considering a move to Portugal this guide will provide you with all of the information you need to know.

Firstly, when relocating to Portugal you need to decide on the kind of lifestyle you want to live. If you are looking for a warm, dry climate then moving to the Algarve is ideal, or if you are looking for cooler temperatures and a more rural lifestyle then consider moving to one of Portugal’s smaller towns or villages such as the seaside town of Viana do Castelo or the city of Porto. If you’d be more comfortable living within a community of expats, then most UK expats tend to reside in the Algarve if they are sun worshippers or within Portugal’s larger cities where the culture is rich and vibrant.

With a small population of just over 10 million, Portugal is the ideal place for expats looking to escape the crowded cities of the UK. Portuguese culture is also heavily focused on family and residents are known to be friendly and inviting- a draw for expats wanting to live a more relaxed and welcoming lifestyle.

Property prices outside of the main tourist areas in Portugal are reasonably priced. Many expats tend to purchase property instead of renting in Portugal as this provides greater value for money – a particularly popular choice for expats looking to spend their retirement living in Portugal.

Although there are some employment opportunities in Portugal, many expats moving to the country for work have usually secured employment before they relocate. The majority of expats decide to move to Portugal for a relaxed retirement instead of for career opportunities.

The Portuguese health system is a universal system based upon residence so once you have relocated you must register with your local town Hall or Immigration authorities to obtain a Residence Certificate – this then entitles you to receive state healthcare.

When moving to Portugal, the authorities are known to be very helpful when explaining all of the necessary paperwork and requirements needed. However, due to the generally more relaxed pace of life, it can take a while to get all of the information processed.

Whilst you are dealing with the legalities and complexities of moving abroad let an experienced relocations expert such as Squab Group ship your belongings for you- we can even help you pack!

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Don’t forget to take a look at our handy checklist as a guide to help with organising your move. There’s additional space for you to add your own notes, as every move is different

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