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Ranked as one of the best places in the world to grow up and named as the most advanced country for women’s rights and equality by Marie Claire, Sweden is a popular destination for many expats. Its capital, Stockholm, was announced as Europe’s first green capital in 2010 and the extensive, incredibly efficient public transport systems across the country mean that it is not necessary to run a car.

Relocating to Sweden is relatively easy for British citizens as a visa is not required for entry. As an EEA citizen, you have the right to live; study and work in Sweden without a residence permit providing you can support yourself financially. For more informative visit the UK government’s advice page.

With one of the fastest growing economies in the EU, Sweden has a very low unemployment rate and is particularly strong within the technological and industrial sectors. However, expats do find it difficult to find work in Sweden if they are moving there without having secured employment beforehand.

However, it is important to register for social insurance once settled in the country as this is a vital part of the country’s running process. Social insurance is required for everyone that lives or works in Sweden and provides a financial safeguard against loss of income when individuals are unable to support themselves because of extenuating circumstances. Social insurance also includes universal benefit such as child allowance and means-tested benefits like housing allowance and maintenance support.

Sweden’s prosperous economy and welfare system mean that the standard of living in Sweden is exceptionally high. The education system is also highly credited within Sweden and it is one of the only countries to still provide free school meals for all of its pupils.

In addition to its wide range of benefits financially and economically, Sweden is also a beautiful place to live with a high range of diversity. From bustling cities with innovative and contemporary designs to wide open spaces and national parks there is so much to discover. Even the weather is varied and changes from cold winters ideal for ice skating, skiing and ice hockey to beautiful summers where the sun rises before you wake up and sets after you go to bed (often around 10-11pm!)

The Swedes also have several national traditions and celebrations, the most widely known being Midsummer. Midsummer celebrations occur in mid-June (always on a Friday between 19th & 25Th June) and signify the start of an annual five-week holiday for many Swedes. An occasion for large family gatherings and parties, Midsummer Eve is usually started by the picking of flowers to make wreaths to be placed upon the maypole- a main part of the celebrations.The Maypole is constructed in a large open-space and is accompanied by traditional ring-dancing, drinking and other celebratory activities.

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