Happy Neighbours Make Happy Moves

“You don’t want to upset the neighbours”, is a well-known expression, and one that really should resonate during home moves. The home moving process inevitably can cause some inconvenience to neighbours, but there are ways to minimise disruption, and avert any potential complaints or aggravation. Home moves, especially in built-up residential areas, require good logistical planning. And the majority of this should be carried out by the removals company. Access for removals vehicles should be a top priority, and most removals companies will take this into account during the survey phase. This of course, applies not only to the house you are moving from, but also where you are moving to.

Give your neighbours advance warning

Don’t leave it until the day of the move; notify neighbours in advance about your impending move. If removals lorries are likely to block your neighbours’ access in any way, then out of courtesy, warn them of the situation either verbally, or by posting a note with the details through their letterboxes. Squab has pre-printed postcard notifications which you can request free of charge to hand out to your neighbours. They make huge difference! They’ll give your neighbours the opportunity to move their cars out (or in) in advance and should help alleviate any potentially stressful situations. Remember, it is not easy or practical for the removals team to keep moving the lorry.

Think about the community

It’s worth considering the impact of your move on your local community. For example, if your house is close to a school, doctor’s surgery, healthcare centre or nursing home then it is important not to block, or restrict their access in any way. This can happen when cars are sometimes moved from driveways, to roadside parking and there are possible implications for the safety of school children going in and out of school. Notify schools or other nearby establishments in advance if you think there is a chance they will be affected. Remember, there should always be access for emergency vehicles. A small notice in a local community newsletter can be very effective and helpful to the neighbourhood.

Politeness is everything

House moving can be stressful and if someone does complain, staying calm, polite and level-headed is really important. Apologise for any inconvenience and try to rectify the situation, rather than arguing over who is right and wrong. After all, it’s hard to argue with someone who is not arguing back! Remember, you really want to get off on a good footing with new neighbours because it can make all the difference between misery and happiness in your new home. Equally, if you feel the removals crew are not being courteous to either you or your neighbours, then make sure you report this situation to their office manager. Professional teams will know how to deal with most situations and should not, under any circumstance, be rude, unhelpful or aggressive. Squab certainly won’t be!

Say thank you…

If your neighbours have been inconvenienced, a small thank you note after the event never goes amiss. Just put yourselves in their shoes, and think how much you would appreciate such a gesture.

Happy moving!


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