Moving House with Cats

Moving house can be stressful enough for you, but spare a thought for your feline friends! They may be your purrrfect companions, but being creatures of habit they won’t take kindly to any sudden upheaval. So what’s the best approach when moving house with cats?


Moving house with cats: Before the move

When planning your move, consider whether you’ll have your cats with you on moving day, or whether you’d prefer to book them into a cattery. Booking them into a cattery could ease the stress for both you and your cat(s), however, it’s no problem if this isn’t a possibility or you prefer to have your cat(s) with you.

beofre-the-moveIf your cats are booked into a cattery, it’s a good idea to take them along at least a day before the move, so they avoid the hustle and bustle of the move.


If your cat(s) will be around on moving day, it’s a good idea to have already assigned them their own room – ideally a room that has already been cleared of furniture at least a week before the move. Move their familiar items in here – food, water, cat litter tray, bed, favourite toys – the more familiar the scents, the better.

The night before moving day, ensure they have no way of escaping from their room – a lost pet would be the last thing you’d want/need!

Clearly, long distance moves will require further planning. If you’re moving abroad, you’ll need to have already taken all the necessary steps to get a pet passport, which often requires proof of certain vaccinations. Regulations will vary by country so it’s worth doing your homework on this well in advance of your move.

Moving house with cats: Moving day

moving-dayWe’re used to moving animals, so no need to worry – you and your pets will be in safe hands! Just give us the heads up on our arrival so we know which room your cat is in – that way we’ll know not to let the cat out of the…room!

When you’re all packed up, it’s time to gently encourage your cat to enter their sturdy cat basket (easier said than done sometimes, we appreciate!) Again, it helps if there’s a familiar scent in their space to make them feel more at ease.

Did you know you can get cat pheromones – sprays and diffusers, which reassure your cat(s)? It’s worth investigating!

If you’re new home is quite a distance away, remember to give your cat(s) the opportunity to have food and go to the toilet (like us humans!)


Moving house with cats: Settling in

In the same way you had a room assigned to your cat in your old house, make sure you’ve got a room in mind in the new house where they can settle in.

settling-inLet your cat(s) out of their basket as soon as possible after arriving at the new property to avoid an unhappy tabby. Again, ensure you move their familiar items into this room – as much familiarity as possible!

It’s then down to patience and time while they get used to their new surroundings, before gradually being introduced to the rest of the house and then finally, the outside world.

If in doubt about timings, speak to your vet as all pets have their own personalities and will respond differently. It’s a good idea to microchip your cat(s) if they haven’t been already – not forgetting the new address!


Remember, it’s best to take everything one paw at a time when moving house with cats. Plan well, keep familiar items nearby and take a gradual approach. You’ll soon be settled into your new pad with a content cat enjoying their new home.

You’ll find lots of information about moving house with cats – hopefully this has provided an overview.

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