Moving House with Fish

Moving house is stressful enough for you, but spare a thought for your fish! Even just a local move for you is the equivalent to moving to Australia for your scaly pets. So what is there to consider when moving house with fish?

1.Keeping the fish safe and happy

When moving house with fish, priority number one is their safety and happiness. Moving them should be done so with care and caution. The aim is to keep their surroundings as familiar as possible throughout the move to keep stress to a minimum. You can help your streamlined friends by:


2.Moving the tank

The difficulty of this very much depends on the size and shape of tank. It’s important to completely empty the tank and then package all elements carefully so they remain in their original condition. Squab can help with this on the day of your move, or you can order packing accessories from our Box Shop. Bubble wrap is ideal for the tank itself. In terms of tank décor, store as many items as you can in waterproof containers to preserve the bacteria. It’s important for the filter to preserve as much bacteria as possible too. Any live plants can be transported in fish bags so they don’t dry out. Again, the more of the original water you can preserve, the happier your fish.

3.Positioning the new tank

When you get the keys to your new pad, setting up the fish tank should be the priority. The longer the fish are away from the usual surroundings, the more likely they are to become stressed. Ideally, you’ll have already chosen a spot for the tank that suits the fish (priority) AND fits with your other furniture. Important to bear in mind, fish tanks should not be placed in direct sunlight. This encourages the growth of algae which reduces the water quality and as a result creates an unhealthy environment for your fish. A location with a consistent temperature is also ideal. Once positioned, monitor the area for the following few weeks to check that it is still suitable. If applicable to your tank, keep an eye on ammonia and nitrate levels.

See, moving house with fish needn’t be so bad. It just takes planning, care and a good quality moving company to help (that’s us, by the way!)

For more information about moving house with fish and how Squab can help, email us: or phone 0845 4680 160.