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A vibrant, colourful country Brazil is a popular destination for tourists from across the globe and expats alike. Brazil is an exotic, exciting country filled with natural beauty such as the world’s largest rainforest – The Amazon and a rich culture with many influences. In fact, Brazil’s capital Brasilia is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and was designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

The fifth largest country in the world, Brazil is also the only Portuguese speaking country in the whole of South America. Despite having a thriving economy that is continually developing there are still certain areas of the country in which extreme poverty exists as there is still quite a high level of unemployment. However, if you are able to secure reliable employment before moving to Brazil you should be able to live comfortably, with living costs in the country being relatively low.

Brazil’s economy recently overtook the UK to become the sixth-biggest economy in the world with new gas and oil reserves continually being discovered along its coastlines. These reserves are one of the main reasons for Brazil’s economic growth and it has been predicted that Brazil will rank amongst the top five oil producers in the world in the near future.

The main areas for expat employment in Brazil are the agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service sectors. The area you relocate to will largely be dictated by the type of work you are seeking or have secured, for example Rio de Janeiro is home to a large number of oil, telecommunications and media companies so those working in these areas are likely to move here.

Before moving to Brazil you should carefully consider the area you plan to move to. Although universal healthcare is offered for all of Brazil’s citizens the quality and availability of hospitals and clinics depends predominantly on the area. The schooling system is much the same, and it is worth investing the time needed to find the best schooling and healthcare opportunities for you and your family.

Shipping your goods to Brazil usually takes 5-9 weeks and if you hold a permanent visa or a work visa you are permitted to import your personal affects into the country duty free – all you need is a valid passport and the right documentation.

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