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Cyprus is a popular choice for expats with various influences offering a diverse, multi-cultural experience. Having once been part of the Roman Empire, a British Colony and most recently being divided between the north and south by a Turkish invasion, Cypriot culture is rich and varied with a strong traditional backbone. The most widely spoken language on the island is the Cypriot dialect of Greek, however English is widely spoken and understood by the majority of locals – particularly the younger generations. It is also common for road signs and other important signage to contain an English translation making commuting around the island much easier for non-natives.

Cyprus is a viable destination for expats from all backgrounds and ages including families, professionals and those looking to retire to a quieter life in the Mediterranean sun. From bustling cities to quiet seaside villages and tourist destinations, Cyprus has a place for any lifestyle.

Since the financial crisis in 2013, working in Cyprus has become considerably more competitive with uncertainty and job insecurities running high as employment opportunities become scarce. Whilst this may create tension on some fronts, and affect the attitude of the locals towards foreigners, it should be noted that in fact the Cypriot people are very welcoming and very willing to accept those who want to become a part of the local communities.

When living and working within Cyprus, the pace of life tends to be more laid-back than working life in England. Particularly when dealing with issues that involve the government, banking or utilities companies. Some immigrants can find this particularly frustrating especially if they come from a country where these matters tend to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Cypriot culture is renowned for its distinctive cuisine strongly inspired by Greek and Turkish flavours including slow roasts, stews kebabs and assorted appetisers commonly referred to as a mezze. The various restaurants and dining facilities spread across the island offer a wealth of tastes reflecting the numerous cultural influences that contribute to the local fare.

Entertainment is also a large part of Cypriot culture with traditional Greek activities making up a large part of the offering. Entertainment often consists of folk dancing, traditional music and even ‘glass balancing dancers’ who create a spectacle by balancing a tower of glasses on their heads.

Expats who make the move to Cyprus usually find the island to be a welcoming community in an idyllic setting.

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