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Singapore is an efficient and well-developed Asian city located on the southern tip of Malaysia. Due to its location, it has become a financial and economic hub with its exchange trading centre ranked as the fourth largest in the world and its economy coming in as the fifth wealthiest in the world.

Singapore is often considered as being somewhat authoritarian due to its strict laws; however these laws work to maintain its low crime rate and keep the city safe. In fact, the culture in Singapore is very diverse with a large number of expatriates moving there each year. The main religions practiced in the city are Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Tao.

Singapore is a desirable destination for expats for a variety of reasons; firstly, the standard of living in the city is considerably high. However, this does come at a price – property prices are notoriously high and expats looking to live the same kind of life that they did at home will need to be prepared to pay the price. Alcohol is also taxed at a high price so expats may struggle to maintain the same kind of nightlife that they were able to at home!

The transport network in Singapore is also particularly good and it is very easy to get around the city for work and leisure. Public transport is also very cheap to use and there are plans for further rail networks to be built across the city within the next decade.

Healthcare in Singapore is also of a good standard with state and private healthcare offered at a reasonable premium. Expats have the choice of using one of the many clinics, doctors surgeries and hospitals located throughout the city as part of Singapore’s heavily subsidised public healthcare system. Alternatively, if you have medical insurance then your insurer will be able to provide you with a list of recommended private healthcare providers.

The education system in Singapore is another draw for those who are looking relocate to another country. Singapore offers an excellent standard of education at an affordable price through its public schools system. Not only will your child learn a new language, in secondary school they are also required to take up a co-curricular activity such as sports or performing arts. However, if you are considering enrolling your child into a private international school in Singapore this can become costly and waiting lists are long.

Relocating to Singapore for British expats offers a wealth of opportunities and cultural experiences with a climate that is warm all year round.

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