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Are you planning on relocating to Thailand? This guide will tell you everything you need to know!

Thailand is an Asian country with beautiful natural scenery including exotic beach islands, nature reserves and national parks. There are also historical cities and rural villages offering British expats an experience unlike any other.

Expats from all walks of life are drawn to Thailand, with large numbers of retirees, students, teachers and business owners flocking to the country to experience its diverse culture. With influences from the country’s two main religions; Buddhism and Hinduism, there are always different celebrations and cultural events to take part in.

Many expatriates from western countries relocate to Thailand’s capital city Bangkok as this is where the majority of employment opportunities can be found. Bangkok is a bustling city with very heavy traffic – in fact it is not uncommon for locals to double or triple park, leaving their cars in neutral so that they can be pushed out of the way!

Expats that don’t want to live in the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok usually flock to northern regions such as Chiang Mai or the beach resorts like Krabi and Phuket. These areas offer a more relaxed lifestyle with tourism-related jobs and an idyllic background.

The cost of living in Thailand is relatively low when compared with other popular expat destinations. If you are looking to buy, property prices can vary depending upon location but rental prices are generally low across the country. In terms of food and alcohol, local produce can be purchased extremely cheaply, but Western food and brands are very expensive.

It is recommended to purchase health insurance if you are intending to live in Thailand for an extended period of time. There is no free healthcare system in Thailand and the government-run hospitals and clinics are very overcrowded with stretched resources.

For expats wanting to send their children to school in Thailand there are two options; firstly to send their children to government-run local schools or to international private schools – the more common option for those who have relocated to the country.

One of the greatest draws for expatriates moving to Thailand is its rich, diverse culture and history. From the busy central city of Bangkok to the rural villages and beach retreats Thailand caters for a range of lifestyles and experiences.

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Don’t forget to take a look at our handy checklist as a guide to help with organising your move. There’s additional space for you to add your own notes, as every move is different.

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