Professionally Moving a Piano

Moving a piano is a difficult task posing risks to both the piano and the movers, and should not be undertaken lightly. Pianos are very heavy, ranging from 350 pounds to over 1000 pounds and the finishes are often vulnerable to scratches and dents. In addition, many piano designs are top heavy making them unstable and tricky to move. Squab has many years of experience in successfully moving pianos. Read on to see how we do it!

As a professional moving company, Squab uses the proper equipment to ensure the safety of the instrument and the team members who are moving it. The equipment we use includes; piano dollies, weightlifting straps to avoid back injuries, a piano board and locking belts to secure the piano in place. Our moving team also wear leather moving gloves to help them keep a firm grip on the instrument whilst moving it. In addition, we also supply protective pads and covers to avoid any damage occurring to the piano throughout the moving process, such as scratches or dents.

Our professional removals experts carefully plan each stage of the piano’s journey, and even measure door frames to ascertain the safe passage of the instrument. It is also advisable to stop and rest every few steps, allowing those moving the piano to adjust their grip and make sure the piano is still secure.  Our removal vans also have inbuilt ramps that we take advantage of when moving pianos.

When moving a piano it is recommended that there is one team member per every 100 pounds of piano. This may seem like more movers than necessary, but the extra personnel can help to open doors, guide those holding the piano and can also step in if another team member is growing tired.

As we have demonstrated, moving a piano is an operation that needs careful planning and reliable safety measures. It is best to leave it to experienced removals teams who can guarantee the safety of your piano when moving it from one location to another and should not be attempted by inexperienced movers.

If you have any questions tweet us @SquabGroup for advice on moving your piano, or call 0845 4680 160.