New Year, New Space?

Happy New Year everyone (think we can still get away with saying that, just!).

This time of year sparks feelings of optimism – cue ‘new year, new me’ just about everywhere you turn! Even if resolutions aren’t your thing, it’s undoubtedly a great opportunity to set some goals for the year ahead…

One familiar goal might be to declutter your home. The saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ is pretty spot on! However, decluttering your home is easier said than done when you simply haven’t got the space. You know how it goes – you start the process of a clear-out, it gets quickly gets messy and you wonder why on earth you started in the first place! You’re left with even less space and more frustration.

This is where our storage comes in. Instead of using your home as the base for decluttering, why not use our self-storage? You can pop your items in one of our units and there you have it – your home is instantly clearer – no mess there to remind you that you need to declutter! Meanwhile, you can visit your storage unit at a time to suit you (you are the only keyholder) and work your way through it methodically. There, don’t you feel better already!

Equally, if there’s items sitting in your home that you only need during certain seasons, you might prefer to store them away – our mobile (crate) storage is ideal for items you don’t need regular access to. Whether that be storing away those Christmas decorations or your fishing equipment – our crates keep them safe until you need them again.

Another goal might be to expand your online business. But there’s a problem: you don’t have the space to do store stock at home and you’re fed up of tripping over all those deliveries. They do say it’s dangerous to mix business with pleasure. Our self-storage could solve all those issues. With a range of different sized units, you could store your stock with us – coming and going as you please. We’ll even take deliveries on your behalf and notify you when they arrive!

Why our storage space is a good option:

And the best bit? No minimum contract period. In other words – you’re not tied into lengthy contracts and only pay for the time you store with us.

How about it then – will it be a new year, new space for you?

For more information about storing with Squab, please contact us on 0845 4680 160 or email