Squab Moving Accessories: Quality for Your Quantity

Let’s talk moving accessories. When transporting belongings from A to B, whether moving house or moving into store, the aim is for them to remain in their original condition, right? As much as you can be careful, one bump can lead to another and before you know it you’ve got a broken vase, a scratched dresser and an unhappy spouse! It doesn’t matter the distance either – you could be transporting items locally to Leamington Spa, Coventry, Warwick or further afield. Unfortunately, the distance doesn’t determine the level of damage. No, there’s simply no avoiding it. You’re going to need good quality moving accessories. Take a load off with ours – it’s worth the investment!

Moving accessories: Squab boxes and box packs

Squab boxes come in all shapes and sizes, just like your belongings! All our boxes are purpose-built, high quality and long-lasting.

We also offer box packs including a selection of items. Perfect when you know what you need

Helpfully, all boxes have reminders of what items to include written on the sides. It’s always recommended not to overfill boxes, protect items with paper and take into consideration the weight of the contents.

Moving accessories: Squab covers

Self-explanatory, we also provide a range of covers to keep your larger items protected throughout the move.

Moving accessories: Additional

So, whatever your moving accessory need, make sure you’ve got it covered. See what we did there…

For moving accessories price information, please visit our Box Shop, or for further information call 0845 4680 160.